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June 3-10, 2018: Maine Wisdom Ingathering with Cynthia Bourgeault and Matthew Wright

The following letter is from Cynthia inviting the community to gathering together in her charming seaside town of Stonington Maine. The program this year will feature the usual blend of daily teaching (by Cynthia Bourgeault, shared in the afternoon with Matthew Wright). 

Stonington, Maine

Dear Wisdom Friends,

Our third annual Maine Wisdom Ingathering is now officially open for registration! The dates are June 3-10. Mark it on your calendar!

Matthew Wright and Cynthia BourgeaultOnce again, we are delighted to be able to offer a relaxed, affordable, family-friendly Wisdom school in the heart of scenic Stonington, Maine. This year’s program will again feature our signature Wisdom blend of daily teaching, meditation, chanting, sacred movement, music, and conscious practical work, as well as generous unprogrammed time for exploring the natural paradise here and reconnecting with old friends. Once again we are pleased to be able to offer children’s programming.

Our theme this year will be “The Good, the True, and the Beautiful.” In the face of what seems to be a growing desensitization in our culture to violence, profanity, and flagrant immorality, we propose, in classic Wisdom fashion, to refocus our attention on the opposite end of the spectrum and collectively ponder, explore, and generate some energy around those enduring human virtues on behalf of our aching world. Collectively, we will try to “bring in” and hold a higher vibration.

Our exploration will be far-ranging, including not only classic Wisdom teaching but also music, liturgical drama, the arts, and of course, those forays into the natural world.

We hope you’ll join us—whether for the first time or as a returning Ingathering regular. This is the time for our Wisdom tribe to gather, and you’re all welcome, regardless of experience, seniority, or even (in the case of some cajoled spouses) interest! Bring your heart, your camera, your passion, your questing spirit. We aim this year not just to study, pray, and play together, but to see if we can actually wield our little Wisdom sangha into an energetic force field on behalf of our planet.

As Rumi says, “beyond right and wrong there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” This June, the field unfolds in Stonington. I’ll meet you there!

Cynthia Bourgeault


Full details and registration can be found on the Northeast Wisdom website HERE.







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