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2 thoughts on “Sign Up for Our eNews

  1. I am taking Cynthia’s course on Mary Magdelen through CAC and also St. Benedict’s
    “Rules” at my Church. I am wondering if Cynthia has done any research on St. Scholastica?
    I’m thinking she is another “magical woman” like Mary Magdelen “who loves much” but I can’t
    find anything much about her (of course!)

    Thanks for any help you may give me – I want to present it to the St. Benedict study group.

    Pamela Olson

  2. Shalom🙏
    So glad to have “met” CB years ago in the Friends of Silence newsletter. I have communicated and befriended Nan Merrill before she returned Home. I would like to learn more and possibly befriend CB too, as i have experienced with NM. I continue to receive the FOS newsletter. Thank you for accepting me in your group.

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