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Wisdom Leader: Susan Williams

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Meet Susan Williams from Waynesville, North Carolina. Here is how Susan describes herself and her Wisdom journey:

I am a life-long seeker and student of the perennial tradition of teachings primarily from Eastern religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. I attended Cynthia’s first “Mega Wisdom School” at Kanuga in North Carolina in 2015. This was an affirming, re-centering, and life-changing experience for me. My early experiences in the Episcopal Church of my childhood provided a solid home base for my deep journeying among other traditions, and I returned to the practice of Christian faith later in life. As a “Buddha-iscopalian” I had sought to integrate my journeys Eastern and Western, and I now have found a home practice in Christian Centering Prayer and in the teachings that Cynthia and Richard Rohr have opened to me. I have especially delighted in discovering the illuminating and inspired work of Teilhard de Chardin, thanks also to Cynthia.

After my Wisdom School experience and readings of the Gospel of Thomas in 2015, I knew that I wanted to share the richness of this tradition with others in my home church and faith community in Waynesville. I started a Thomas group at our local church and we have met continuously since our beginnings a year ago. I discovered the blessing of a spiritual community in my early 60’s, after having been a solitary seeker most of my life, and I wanted to share this experience of spiritual companionship and shared discipleship with others.

Thomas Group in Waynesville:
Our Thomas Group meets twice monthly, 6:00-7:30 pm, in the sanctuary of Grace Church in the Mountains (Episcopal) in Waynesville, North Carolina. All are welcome. Our practice includes sacred chant, body prayer, centering prayer, and shared study of the Gospel of Thomas. We take turns leading our gatherings, and as a spiritual community, we share the journey in love and mutual support.

Contacting Susan:
You can contact Susan by email HERE.  If someone in our area is interested in attending our Thomas group sessions, he or she may contact me.


Inspiring Words of Wisdom (Community members can share inspirational quotes HERE):

From In Trouble and in Wonder: A Spiritual Commentary on the Gospel of Thomas by Lynn C. Bauman, p. 21

Logion 5

Yeshua says…

Come to know the One in the presence before you, and everything hidden from you will be revealed. For there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, and nothing buried that will not be raised.




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