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Teilhard-Inspired Chant (by Susan Latimer)


This chant, created by Susan Latimer, was inspired by the following passage by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, from Selected writings, 145 – from “The Spiritual Energy of Suffering” – in Activation of Energy 247-8


“If a perfectly keen-eyed observer were to watch the earth for a long time from a great height, our planet would first of all appear to him blue from the oxygen that envelops it; then green from the vegetation which covers it, then luminous – and ever more luminous – from the thought that grows in intensity on its surface; but at the same time it would appear dark – and ever more dark – from a suffering that, throughout the ages, grows in quantity and poignancy in step with the rise of consciousness.

Consider the total suffering of the whole earth at every moment.  If only we were able to gather up this formidable magnitude, to gauge its volume, to weigh, count, analyze it – what an astronomical mass, what a terrifying total!..  And if only, too, through the medium of some conductivity suddenly established between bodies and souls, all the pain were mixed with all the joy of the world, who can say on which side the balance would settle, on that of pain or that of joy?”


You can listen HERE:

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All the pain,
All the joy,
Settle the balance in joy.


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