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Thanks-giving Resources and other offerings for the Community

You will find all of the resources and offerings from our Thanks-giving newsletter on this page. Enjoy the bounty (and the scrolling!). In case you didn’t receive the newsletter and have found this page on your own, no worries. Here you will find resources and offerings we have compiled as a gift to you from us at Wisdom Way of Knowing, including:

  1. Deep savings on the virtual Introductory Wisdom School eCourse with Cynthia Bourgeault [use the special code Thankful4you! during checkout to save $150] [Read More]
  2. Wisdom resources from Part A: Introductory Wisdom School [Read More]
    • Introductory materials and excerpts from the Course companion guide and transcript for the Sunday evening and Monday morning teachings by Cynthia
    • video and audio of the Sunday evening and Monday morning teachings by Cynthia
  3. Wisdom resources from Part B: The Divine Exchange Wisdom School [Read More]
    • Never-before seen [rough] video of the Monday morning teaching from Cynthia
    • The unedited transcript from the Monday morning teaching
    • Video of Cynthia playing Gurdjieff’s “Lord Have Mercy” during a break at Wisdom School
    • Video of the Wisdom Band rehearsing the first-ever mashup of “Place Me As A Seal” and “Adoramus”
    • List of chants and lyrics from the School in the order they were sung
    • Short videos from four Wisdom students sharing a window into how they came to Wisdom
  4. Connect with others in the Wisdom community for ongoing study and practice [Read More]

1. Sign up for the Introductory Wisdom School Course, or give as a gift, and save $150

If you know about the Course and want to sign up you can head over to our eCourses website to register and pay HERE. Simply select the course, and when you are checking out, you will find a box where you can enter the code Thankful4you! to get unlimited access to the Course and the Wisdom community, for $197 (a $150 savings off the regular tuition of $347). There are prompts to guide you every step of the way during the process. If you have any issues, email me (Robbin).

If you are interested in learning more about the Course, you’ll find some information below, and more on our eCourses website HERE.

  • Video of Cynthia’s personal welcome to the Introductory Wisdom School eCourse

  • What others have said about the Introductory eCourse with Cynthia Bourgeault

“I want to tell you that I am well into the Wisdom eCourse and am simply blown away by it. I feel like I’ve struck gold. The teachings, meditation time, as was suggested, work very well at home, as if I was right there. I’m so glad you decided to include the full chant/meditation recordings. And the key points of Cynthia’s talks, written out on the screen as she speaks are very, very helpful. It’s all superbly done and I’m deeply grateful that I can participate in this. Thank you!” —Chris Ako, Chicago IL

“Just wanted to thank you for the amazing course Wisdom School Introduction. It is so professionally done, so intuitive to use, and of course – packed full of great material (at a gentle gradient). I’ve downloaded and printed the pdf file and am on my way to my own retreat. Thanks to all of you who made this possible, this sharing of water from a very deep well.” —Troy Brunke, Monterey CA

“The eCourse is amazingly well done! What a gift!! The transcriptions were unexpected and such a useful and meaningful component, and I watched the first video yesterday and was so impressed with the quality. By far the highest quality I have seen in an on-line course. (And I haven’t even gotten into the meat of the course yet, which I am excited to dig into over time with my group.)” —Carol L., Cary NC, who is taking the Course as part of a small group

“The Transcript is a brilliant idea and beautifully produced and extraordinarily helpful to check to see “if she really said that” and then serves the purpose of Lectio as well, not to mention the excellent quality of the manuscript and the wonderful Search facility even on the PDF. Just fantastic! The filming was spot on and excellently focused. The sound quality was ideal and allowed me participate in the chants and meditations. Next to being there with you on location this was all an exceptional experience of grace. How wonderful the ways of God who uses everything for our benefit.” —Jim Hever, Cambridge, England

You can read more testimonials from course participants HERE.

  • Course Description

Cynthia BourgeaultThis eCourse includes 30 sessions filmed live during a five-day Wisdom School with Cynthia Bourgeault in North Carolina in November 2015. The Course materials have been formatted and organized for easy access and use in an eCourse format, while carefully preserving the daily rhythm and structure of the live event. The materials have been designed to empower and equip you with everything you need to reproduce the Wisdom School learning experience in your own setting and circumstances. And when you enroll in this eCourse you’ll be joining a vibrant community of committed students as you experience the profound and practical nature of these teachings.

Note: The Course has been created as an on-demand course, to take at your own location, setting your own schedule, at your own pace. There is no time limit; you get to choose how and when you engage with the Course.

  • Course Resource Highlights

Course Transcript & Companion Guide – A 252-page, full color, downloadable, searchable, and printable PDF contains a full transcript of all course sessions, as well as supplemental images, quotes, and other graphics to emphasize key points and elements. Preview the first 48 pages of the Guide HERE.

Course Videos & Audio (MP3) Recordings – Includes 30 main teaching sessions with Cynthia as principal teacher, organized and presented in a total of 65 videos (some of the longer teachings have been divided into shorter multi-part segments), with 30 hours of course video content that follow the precise order and flow as the live Wisdom School event.

Additional Content – We have curated resources to enhance the teachings for a number of sessions. These are clearly indicated when available.

Private Moderated Forums and Community Support – Share reflections and ask questions as an active participant in the Course forums. Long-standing community members with extensive experience on Cynthia’s Wisdom path will companion participants and respond when needed to forum activity. Also, there are a number of leaders in our world-wide network who are willing to offer helpful resources and guidance as mentors for those embarking on this Wisdom path. You can meet some of them on our website: wisdomwayofknowing.org under “Communities of Practice.”

  • For more, visit our eCourses site HERE.


2. Wisdom resources from Part A: Introductory Wisdom School

  • Introductory Wisdom School Transcript and Companion Guide: 48-page excerpt for Sunday evening, Monday morning chant and meditation, and Monday morning teaching HERE.
  • Video of Introductory Wisdom School: Sunday evening Welcome and Introduction to Wisdom School

  • Video of Introductory Wisdom School: Monday morning teaching: The Three Centers of Intelligence


3. Wisdom resources from Part B: The Divine Exchange Wisdom School

  • A never-before-seen video teaching from Cynthia from The Divine Exchange Wisdom School March 2018: Monday morning Teaching: Exchange in the Teachings of Jesus [Rough unedited cut]

  • The unedited Transcript from the Monday morning teaching [click HERE for PDF file]
  • Video of Cynthia playing Gurdjieff’s “Lord Have Mercy” as students organized themselves outside for conscious work.

  • Video of Wisdom Band Rehearsing the first-ever chant mashup of “Place Me As a Seal” and “Adoramus”

  • List of chants and lyrics from the Divine Exchange Wisdom School in the order they were sung [link HERE to PDF file]
  • Videos of four Wisdom Students offering a window into how they discovered Wisdom and Cynthia.

Thomas McConkie

Benjamin Thomas

Paul Swanson

India Watkins

  • Video montage of the daily rhythm of Wisdom School

4. Connect with others in the Wisdom community for ongoing study and practice

Small Wisdom groups are emerging and meeting worldwide. If you would like to convene a group, or would like to join one, email me (Robbin) and I’ll connect you with others in your area, or with groups that are meeting online.

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    I attended the part B Wisdom School in March 2018 (Divine Exchange). I recall that this was being taped with plans for it to be a second online wisdom school offering.
    Any updates regarding its availability on this website? Thanks!!

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