Wisdom Leader: Alan Krema

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Alan Krema

Alan Krema is a Contemplative Outreach Chicago chapter coordinator, which is hosting Living Wisdom, a program of Wisdom teachings and practice in the lineage of Cynthia Bourgeault (see centeringprayerchicago.org)

Alan also hosts a wisdom practice group once a month which includes a variety of topics from traditional Christian wisdom.




You can read more of Alan’s ‘Wisdom Path’ biography and his current thoughts and practice approach on the Northeast Wisdom Seedlings page HERE.

Alan describes his Wisdom work as an ‘embodied practice:’

“The activity of the mind which tends to grip tightly, focus narrowly, and discriminate and dominate my energy, is put in service of the heart. Putting attention and awareness in the body space of the solar plexus- heart- lungs, allows a sensation of spaciousness and connection to Being and where I feel sustained and nurtured. All is contained in this space, all is known, and all is well. Even those energies of pain and despair are held in this space as part of Being. All relationships are contained in this space and awareness of the spaciousness of being allows each relationship with its energetic mental engagement to act as a doorway to the source of our shared Being.”









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