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Wisdom Leader and Teacher: Bill Redfield

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Bill RedfieldBill Redfield retired in 2013 as rector of Trinity Church, Fayetteville, NY, for nearly 20 years. Besides being an Episcopal priest, he is also a licensed clinical social worker and has worked in private practice in Central New York and Maine. He has had a lifelong interest in the intersection of spirituality and the inner life. Bill was introduced to Centering Prayer by Cynthia Bourgeault over 25 years ago and has been an active student of, and collaborator with her for the last ten years.

Bill is the Teacher and Program Leader at Wisdom’s Work, and the creative force behind the birth of Wisdom House, Fayetteville, NY.




You can find numerous blogs by Bill on the Northeast Wisdom website HERE.

As well, here’s an online article about Bill: Unconventional priest walked on pews, climbed a ladder during church


Resources to share

Body Prayer:

Invitation to the Prayer of Gesture and Movement (complete outline and video)


Wisdom Schools and events with Bill

A complete list of Bill’s upcoming Wisdom Schools and other programs and events available HERE.

You can learn about Bill’s Wisdom Group Leadership Training HERE.






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