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Chant Writer: Paulette Meier

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Paulette MeierPaulette Meier is a singer/songwriter with a background in school-based training in violence prevention and social-emotional learning. Based in Cincinnati (OH), she came to her work with children after a variety of work experiences, from a teacher in inner city schools to working as a national organizer on nuclear issues. A passion to address the causes of disharmony at both the societal and personal level led her into social work, delivering mental health services to school children. She also became active in Re-evaluation Counseling (Co-counseling), a practice of mutual support involving emotional healing work based on an understanding of oppression. The songs on “Come Join the Circle: Lesson Songs for Peacemaking” reflect Paulette’s broad background of social activism and personal healing work.

As a recipient of an Artist in Residence Scholarship in 2004, Paulette was able to study for nine months at Pendle Hill, a Quaker Center for Study and Contemplation, near Philadelphia. There, she became more familiar with the writings of the 17th century founders of the Religious Society of Friends. While sojourning among Friends in the Philadelphia area for another year and volunteering as a tour guide at the Quaker meeting house in historic Philadelphia, she began a practice of putting early Quaker texts to melody, as a way to to put them to memory. Now these song/chants have found their way to being recorded to disk and co-published with Quaker Press.

Paulette now works a “day job” as an instructional assistant in Cincinnati Public Schools, and provides song programs in off hours for children at libraries, schools and summer camps. She also provides adult lecture/song programs for teachers on the power of learning through song and on peaceable classroom practices, as well as for adults interested in Quaker roots and spirituality.

Paulette’s Offerings and Events:

You can find out more about Paulette, her chants, and her upcoming events HERE.

Paulette loves to share her songs live, be it in an interactive workshop format for children or adults, an assembly program at a school, or a concert performance as part of gathering or rally or  to help motivate and inspire participants.  Here are some types of venues that she’s played for in the past:

•Churches and Quaker Meetings
•Public Libraries
•Protests and Rallies
•Farmers’ Markets


You can contact Paulette to arrange a visit or program, or for any other inquiry by emailing here HERE.

Chant Resources:

Paulette shares her beautiful chant with us: Seek Within





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