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Chanting the Psalms – by Cynthia Bourgeault

Chanting the Psalms: A Practical Guide with Instructional CD by Cynthia Bourgeault (2006)

Book: Chanting the Psalms by Cynthia BourgeaultChanting the psalms, or psalmody, is an ancient practice of vital importance in the Christian spiritual tradition. Today many think of it as a discipline that belongs only in monasteries—but psalmody is a spiritual treasure that is available to anyone who prays. You don’t need to be musical or a monk to do it, and it can be enjoyed in church liturgical worship, in groups, or even individually as part of a personal rule of prayer. Cynthia Bourgeault brings the practice into the twenty-first century, providing a history of Christian psalmody as well as an appreciation of its place in contemplative practice today. “Even if you can’t read music,” Cynthia says, “or if somewhere along the way you’ve absorbed the message that your voice is no good or you can’t sing on pitch, I’ll still hope to show you that chanting the psalms is accessible to nearly everyone.” Accompanying CD provides instruction on basic techniques and easy melodies that anyone can learn.


“The best book I’ve seen on the theory and practice of Christian contemplative psalmody.” ~ Thomas Keating, author of Open Mind, Open Heart and Finding Grace at the Center


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