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Contemplate This! Interview with Cynthia

Cynthia from Contemplate This! interview

On the second episode of Contemplate This! Conversations on Contemplation and Compassion, host Tom Bushlack welcomes Cynthia Bourgeault into some very thought-provoking conversation.



Tom Bushlack has this to say about his interview with Cynthia:

She is considered by many, myself included, to be one of the central teachers in the renewal of Christian contemplative prayer in general and Centering Prayer in particular.  I think it’s safe to say that her work is so interesting because it is so deeply rooted in her knowledge and study of the tradition, while also being highly original, even idiosyncratic at times.  She brings a very unique blend of experiences – her time with Quakers and Benedictines, her study of Gurdjieff, and then her eventual familiarity with the growth of Centering Prayer in the last 4 decades – to offer some original and thought-provoking insights into contemplative practice.


You can download or listen to the full interview here (01:24:59).








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