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Cynthia Bourgeault: Full Calendar of Events

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Click HERE for a complete master list of CYNTHIA’S EVENTS

(The link above will take you to Cynthia’s master calendar on The Contemplative Society’s website)


Although Cynthia offers selected events and Wisdom Schools around the world, we encourage you to explore the following options and alternatives to seeing her in-person, and still benefit greatly from her teaching:




Would you like to browse a full list of our resources by subject categories? A complete list of all our Resources by Category available HERE.



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3 thoughts on “Cynthia Bourgeault: Full Calendar of Events

  1. Hello, Cynthia, I understand that you have a facebook group o Centering Prayer.
    I have not been on facebook for awhile but am very inteteresed on joining.
    How can I do that.

    Kay Bochert

  2. I live in the USA and am interested in a retreat given by Cynthia here. Will there be any given in the USA this year of 2020? If so would you please send me some information regarding it. Thank you and a blessed New Year to all. Mary Lee

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