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Cynthia Bourgeault: List of Key Offerings

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Here you will find a complete list of Cynthia’s current offerings, including books, audio teachings, online courses, and video and audio presentations and interviews available on the web.

Cynthia’s Master Calendar:

Books by Cynthia Bourgeault:

Click on each title for a fuller description of each book and links to purchase

Teachings on Audio Available for Purchase:

More about these audio teachings available HERE

Online eCourses:

Descriptions and links for these online courses available HERE

Online Videos:

Fuller descriptions of Cynthia’s online video presentations and interviews are available HERE

Online Audios:

Fuller descriptions of Cynthia’s online audio presentations and interviews are available HERE







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3 thoughts on “Cynthia Bourgeault: List of Key Offerings

  1. I am interested in an e-course on the Wisdom School Part A with Cynthia Bourgeault. Will you email me when available?

    • Hi Beverley, You have successfully signed up to receive our eNewsletter, which will contain articles, resources, and new course announcements. For others who want to receive notifications of new resources, programs, and courses, you can sign up for our enewsletter HERE.

  2. Hi, I noticed the link to the online e-course, Four Voices Method of Discernment with Cynthia Bourgeault, is broken. Is this course ever likely to be offered in the future? Is there a book on it I could purchase in the mean time?
    Thanks & kind regards,

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