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Cynthia Bourgeault: Online eCourses

Cynthia at Glastonbury

Online study opportunities with Cynthia Bourgeault:

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Offered by The Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC)

Cynthia Bourgeault is a long-time student of the Christian contemplative and Wisdom paths and is a core faculty member of the CAC Living School. Christian Wisdom teachings have been around since the earliest days of Christianity; Cynthia teaches from that ancient perspective in ways that suit today’s world. Arising from an in-person Wisdom School that Cynthia led for 200 students, this online course integrates her teachings and contemplative practice to offer an embodied experience..

Full details, including dates offered, available through CAC HERE.




Offering insights into centering prayer and the contemplative life, an interfaith understanding and appreciation of the Wisdom tradition, and thoughtful and inspiring approaches to spiritual transformation. Other resources are also available on Cynthia’s Living Spiritual Teachers Project page.


Father Thomas Keating is widely known as the co-founder of the Centering Prayer movement and a master teacher of contemplative prayer and devotion. In a final effort of creative energy during early winter 2018 — the last winter of his life — Fr. Thomas and his nephew, filmmaker Peter Jones, worked intensely for three months, pooling their respective artistic gifts to create an extraordinary, visually stunning collection of eight small poems, haiku like in their leanness and breathtaking in their wisdom. They are, essentially, Thomas Keating’s final will and testament, and his spiritual legacy to the world.

These poems electrified the audience when Cynthia Bourgeault first presented them in a three-day live webinar. This online course will provide a completely new pass through the material, and will include:

    • 12 emails offering original commentary by Cynthia
    • reflection questions and suggested practices
    • invitation to participate in the online course forum
    • one hour-long virtual question and answer session with Cynthia



  • Becoming Truly Human: Gurdjieff’s Obligolnian Strivings –  G. I Gurdjieff (1866-1949) was a visionary, Armenian-born spiritual teacher who became convinced that there were ancient schools of Wisdom still in existence that preserved the true roadmap to our purpose as human beings and our responsibilities in the greater web of planetary life. His teaching might be characterized as an early run-up on what we would nowadays call “mindfulness training,” attached to a highly original cosmology. His five Obligolnian Strivings are a yardstick by which a truly human level of consciousness can be measured, and guideposts for achieving this state of awareness. Cynthia Bourgeault will help unpack these teachings to form the basis for a dynamic and deeply transformative Lent, covering the basic inner terrain: repentance (understood as an entry into the larger mind), renewal, and amendment of life. 20 lessons delivered by email.
  • Teilhard for Our Times by Cynthia Bourgeault – In this long-awaited e-course, master teacher Cynthia Bourgeault will lead you step by step into the heart of Teilhard de Chardin — both figuratively and literally. Though 15 email messages you will learn your way around the basic building blocks of “The Teilhardian Synthesis,” his great overarching vision. You’ll catch moving glimpses of his life and the spiritual resources he drew on to keep himself going through long years of struggle and exile. You’ll get to work with some of these resources through spiritual practices based directly on Teilhard’s writings.
  • Centering Prayer with Cynthia Bourgeault  – 12 lessons delivered by email in which Cynthia Bourgeault discusses what Centering Prayer is and what it is not, the value of intention, the four guidelines to the practice, the nuts and bolts of the practice, handling thoughts, the fruits of the practice, and more. Includes audio extracts from Cynthia’s workshops, as well as recorded teleconference with with Cynthia responding to student questions from the original course offering. Appropriate for those wanting to start a practice of Centering Prayer, or experienced practitioners seeking to learn some new approaches to refresh and reboot an existing practice.
  • The Gospel of Thomas with Cynthia Bourgeault  – Considered a key Wisdom text by Cynthia, this e-course provides a thorough introduction and orientation to this gospel, plus a generous sampling of its most important sayings arranged thematically so that they speak to issues relevant to contemporary spiritual seekers. The course includes 30 lessons delivered by email, each including a brief commentary by Cynthia and some suggestions to help you work the material practically in your daily life. Also includes a one-hour recorded teleconference with Cynthia Bourgeault deepening the teaching and responding to questions.
  • The Gospel of Thomas for Advent with Cynthia Bourgeault – A follow-up to Cynthia’s Gospel of Thomas offering, this e-course includes 25 days of emails covering the Advent themes of watchfulness, spiritual generativity, the fullness of time, and the play of light and darkness. Each email includes a brief commentary by Cynthia and a suggestion for daily spiritual practice to take you deeper into the profound mysteries of this holy season. Also included is a chanting practice to bring the wisdom into the body, using recordings from chant composer Darlene Franz.
  • Spiritual Practices from the Gurdjieff Work with Cynthia Bourgeault – G I Gurdjieff (1866-1949) was a unique and enigmatic spiritual master intent on recovering ancient spiritual wisdom and passing it on in forms accessible to followers without the intermediaries of religion, dogma, or fanaticism.  As an active 10-year participant in the Gurdjieff ‘Work’ herself, Cynthia discovered how his method opened the door to deepening and grounding her own Christian practice. Her experience and articulation of this teaching provides a vital bridge between contemporary spiritual sensibility and Gurdjieff’s transformative practices designed to bring out of the distracted, self-important, self-preoccupied contemporary personality a conscious human being, capable of presence, freedom, and compassionate action. This 12-part email e-course includes access to the recording of a one-hour teleconference with Cynthia held when this course was first offered.
  • A Simple Immediacy: Desert Wisdom for Advent with Cynthia Bourgeault – Pioneering and living a simple life of embodied Wisdom, the Desert Fathers and Mothers of the fourth and fifth centuries generated an extraordinary body of practical teachings on the spiritual practices underlying a life of deeper awareness and mystical union. Their legacy exists primarily as a body of short “pith sayings” and teaching examples, faithfully transmitted down through the ages. Cynthia guides us through some of the core teachings, to prepare the body and psyche to live at a greater level of conscious mindfulness and compassionate gratitude — i.e., “Christ consciousness”, especially relevant to the Advent season. Course emails include a wisdom teaching, a commentary by Cynthia, and a practice suggestion for deepening your understanding.
  • The Wisdom Jesus with Cynthia Bourgeault – Cynthia approaches Jesus first and foremost as a Wisdom master grounded in the universal traditions of spiritual transformation, whose extraordinary teachings and heart exemplify the highest consciousness a human being can live out of. He belongs to all humanity, and his message of universal love needs once again to sound clear and true in our fragile and fractured world. This e-course includes 15 emails introducing Wisdom methods and texts, and covering in-depth consideration of some of Jesus’ parables and lessons in the Beatitudes. Cynthia also provides guidance on contemplative practices to bring this Wisdom into your daily life. Included are recordings of two teleconferences where Cynthia answers questions and respond to comments.
  • Interspiritual Wisdom with Cynthia Bourgeault and other esteemed teachers – The interspiritual Wisdom approach offered in this program includes material from Cynthia representing Christianity, in addition to material from pioneering teachers from the traditions of Islam/Sufism, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Through emailed lessons, participants develop and deepen contemplative practices around the themes of forgiveness, self-knowledge, self-emptying, interdependence, reciprocity, courage, love and compassion.





  • Four Voices Method of Discernment with Cynthia Bourgeault  Cynthia introduces her unique ‘Four Voices’ method of discernment. She shares her practical process to assess and determine the best course of action for life’s decisions, identifying and integrating each of our inner voices and preferences. The course includes video teaching sessions, suggested practices, and written questions to approach and consider our own life situations using this method.



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