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Wisdom and Chant Leader: Elizabeth Combs

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Elizabeth Combs BeglinElizabeth Combs was raised in Winston Salem NC by a loving progressively-minded family. Both Southern Baptist and Moravian in her religious heritage, she remembers as a young child accompanying her parents to volunteer at the church basement homeless shelter. Her first conscious mystical experience involved growing grass in a Dixie cup in kindergarten Sunday School; her first body/breath prayer was sensed singing hymns with her grandparents at church and at the Easter Sunrise Service in Old Salem. She began teaching herself yoga as a teenager. How did this happen? Somehow she found the Sivananda Companion to Yoga in Rainbow Books and Cafe in the early 80s and it’s all a bit of a mystery.

Unaware of employment opportunities for flexible hymn-singing mystics, Elizabeth was led to a career in non-profit human service administration. She expanded her yoga studies while living in Burlington VT where she worked for a battered women’s shelter and the United Way. Sometime in the mid 90s, her yoga teacher asked her to start teaching, which had not occurred to Elizabeth before. This shifted her into the next decade-long turn of the spiral going deeply into eastern spiritual practices and energy medicine studies. She tried more than once to attend theology school, but each time experienced varying forms of flashing red stop signs, to which she paid attention. She has continued on her path in a different way.

It was also during this time that Elizabeth first found Fr Keating’s Centering Prayer, and this led her to Cynthia Bourgeault.  Moving to WA State in 1999, Elizabeth began attending many of the frequent workshops Cynthia offered from Seattle to British Columbia. The first one was a Sufi twirling workshop Cynthia gave in a tiny church in Vancouver BC. Elizabeth recalls reading Mystical Hope first, then the Wisdom Way of Knowing. In 2005 she attended a week-long silent retreat led by Cynthia at Olympic Park Institute. That was a mind-blowing experience and Elizabeth found comfort in deep silence.

Elizabeth’s world cracked open again with the birth of her son in 2008. After 3 sleep-deprived years, she looked up and snagged a last-minute opening in the 2012 Claymont Wisdom School, which was kind of a life-saver to be honest. This and the Valle Crucis Wisdom Schools and community were her container for deeper healing. Elizabeth is currently anchored in both Bellingham, WA and Winston Salem, NC where she studies and practices energy medicine with a variety of modalities and in many offerings and roles.

Elizabeth sees her Wisdom post holder role as accompanying others in lovingly embracing their embodiment. She finds that the practice of unconditional self-acceptance allows the heart’s field to be sounded/seen/felt, within our own bodies and the one heart of the world. These are practices of simplicity first: remembering, listening, turning toward, observing, allowing. She senses and experiences that our physical vehicle for life on the planet holds our deepest wisdom. She experiences all healing as self-healing, emerging from our innate divinity and wholeness.

Elizabeth offers individual and group energy system support, diagnosis and treatment in person and via distance for humans, animals and spaces. She leads experiential workshops and classes in breath, movement, chanting, prayer & meditation in many forms. As a student first, she is constantly adding new exploration, experimentation and sharing.

If you would like to be in touch with Elizabeth you can email her HERE.


Wisdom Chants by Elizabeth:

Elizabeth has created a number of chants with embodied movement to share with the Wisdom Community (videos coming soon…)


Morning Chant:

Inviting you to breathe in and out the words or sounds that arise in your heart of hearts this morning. (It’s not a performance, it’s practice.)

“Dawn of a new day, Make us one. (x3)
Make us one.
Heart of a new day, Make us one. (x3)
Make us one.
Love is the new day, Make us one. (x3)
Make us one.”


Advent Chant:

Here are two chants for you as we deepen into the last few days of our Advent wait for new birth, at this darkest time (in the northern hemisphere) of our yearly cycle around the big star, cosmic presence of beloved light and warmth.

“May my heart turn to light, turn to light turn to light
May my heart turn to light, turn to light”
“May my body turn to light”…x2
“May my soul turn to light”…x2

And a second w body prayer to bring presence to your energy centers:

“Turns to light, turns to light.
Turns to light, turns to light.
Turns to light, turns to light…..”

Repeat this many times w your hands over each energy center of your body, from root to crown, and any other place in your body or subtle energy system you sense … perhaps visualize the sacred geometry of the spiral turning. Notice colors or sounds that arise.







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