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Four Voices – Method of Discernment (teaching by Cynthia)

Cynthia’s Personal Method Of Spiritual Discernment

The Four Voices method welcomes the specific wisdom of each part of our being—even when they’re diametrically opposed—in a way that brings the parts into harmonious solidarity.

Cynthia has developed this personal discernment practice and method of inner listening to integrate the varying facets of our being as we make decisions both large and small. The nafs (or ego), soul, spirit, and heart, all have distinctly valuable contributions to make in guiding us toward the best choice in any situation.


Four Voices Chart


Both practical and profound, this method employs spiritual practices to help us access and recognize our distinct inner voices as they weigh in, both consciously and subconsciously. In this method we are elevated beyond simply responding to the loudest voice in our head or our most immediate reactions. Likewise we needed over stretch for the noblest of choices resulting in ‘spiritually correct’ decisions which could be near to impossible to live with. Instead Cynthia provides a simple set of steps to arrive at consensus in ways that reveal the fullness of spiritually-based decision making.

A full background and description of Cynthia’s unique ‘four voices’ method can be found in these blog postings from The Contemplative Society:

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Cynthia first introduced the Four Voices concept during an interview with Terry Patten on Beyond Awakening:

Contemplative Practice and Rewiring the Heart-Brain


You can also take an online course from The Contemplative Journal, where Cynthia describes in more detail how she works with this method:

Four Voices Method of Discernment E-Course




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