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Heart of God (chant and video by Brie Stoner)

By guest contributor, Gabrielle (Brie) Stoner:

Following is a link to a chant and video, based on Boehme’s description of the compression of God from “nothing into something,” along with Teilhard’s luminous descriptions of God inextricably intertwined with matter, evolving through deep time.

According to Boehme, creation seems dependent on the energetic interplay that occurs between desire and longing, resulting in anguish, and the mediation of tension in the heart of God. For me, this reflects the way that Teilhard views the role of suffering as a necessary ingredient in evolution, and the role we must all play as we evolve into a conscious humanity: mediators of the divine creative tension.

Click here to view video on vimeo, or view below.






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One thought on “Heart of God (chant and video by Brie Stoner)

  1. The tension and longing were beautiful. The juxtaposition of the flight and the ground continuated by the light sent reverberations of Truth through me. Namaste. Beautiful work

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