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Wisdom Leader: Heather Ruce

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Heather RuceMeet Heather Ruce from La Mesa California, in the San Diego area. Here is what Heather has shared with us about her Wisdom journey:

I first experienced Cynthia Bourgeault through her writing many years ago before I was able to participate in a retreat on ‘Mystical Insights: Poetic Wisdom for the Contemplative Journey’ she lead in 2012. Her insights were a breath of fresh air, putting words to the journey I had been on and providing a way to keep going on the Christian path. I had been experiencing many shifting paradigms and my faith had been deconstructing. When I attended her Wisdom School on Three Centered Knowing at the beginning of 2014, I felt immediately at home and had a deep knowing that the way of Wisdom was what I was looking for, the next paradigm in my unfolding. Since then I have participated in three more Wisdom Schools and a few more retreats, two of which included Gurdjieff Movements. These movements have been life changing for me.


Wisdom offerings and groups:

I have been offering monthly Wisdom Practice Circles, a weekly Meditation Group, and various book group studies including one on The Wisdom Jesus.

Having the opportunity to facilitate Wisdom Practice Circles and other offerings has been such a gift. Last fall, Marcella Greco-Kraybill and Jeanine Siler-Jones and I lead concurrent Wisdom offerings in our respective states. It was an exhilarating and rich experience to be bootstrapping one another in the process (find out more about their collaborative, concurrent Wisdom circles HERE). I am grateful to be able to bring Cynthia’s teachings and the Wisdom path to many whose faith paradigms are shifting and who are looking to move deeper into their Christian path.

Currently, I have two offerings –

Weekly Meditation Group: The group will meet on Thursday evenings at my home in La Mesa, CA from 7-8pm beginning September 7th through December 21st (excluding September 28th, October 5th, &November 23rd). The evening will consist of chanting, two periods of silent meditation/centering prayer with a time of lectio divina or reflection in between the two periods of meditation. There is a group that meets in person and an option for a limited number of people to join via google hangout.

Monthly Wisdom Practice Circle: Offered on Saturday mornings at my home in La Mesa, CA from 9:00am to 12:30pm. This is a place to intentionally engage in the Wisdom Practices of the Christian Tradition with others who feel drawn to do the same. It will primarily focus on spiritual practices, themes, and sacred texts in the Wisdom tradition with some discussion. The practice circles could include any of the following practices: Lectio Divina, Centering Prayer Meditation, Welcoming, Silence, Sacred Chanting, Eucharist, Movement.
Dates: 9/23, 10/28, 11/18, 12/16 & 2018: 1/20, 2/24, 3/24, 4/21 (9am-5pm)


Importance and influence of Cynthia’s teaching:

Cynthia’s teachings have been food for my whole self. Her wisdom, three centered intelligence, and presence has provided the fodder for my transformational journey to stay in motion. Following the Wisdom path and engaging in it’s practices, has continued to regulate my nervous system, show me the ways in which I sleep, and offered hope in the ongoing unfolding of my awakening being.

Contact info:

You can contact Heather by email HERE.


Inspiring Words of Wisdom (Community members can share inspirational quotes HERE):


From The Wisdom Way of Knowing by Cynthia Bourgeault, p. 9

“Perhaps the problem is not that our vision has grown too small but that we are using too little of ourselves to see… There is a vision large enough to contain not only our minds but also our hearts and souls; an understanding of our place in the divine cosmology large enough to order and unify our lives and our planet. These truths are not esoteric or occult in the usual sense of the terms; they are not hidden from sight. In the Christian West they are strewn liberally throughout the entire sacred tradition: in the Bible, the liturgy, the hymnody and chants, the iconography. But to read the clues, it is first necessary to bring the heart and mind and body into balance, to awaken. Then the One can be known – not in a flash of mystical vision but in the clarity of unitive seeing.”

Bougainvillea, official flower of La Mesa

Bougainvillea, official flower of La Mesa






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