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Imaginal Wisdom School 2020 with Cynthia Bourgeault: May 8-May 13, 2020


Autumn Sunrise

***This School is now full. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please fill out the form below.***

Join Cynthia at Valle Crucis Conference Center—a lovely, rustic retreat setting in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina—where Cynthia has offered Wisdom Schools since 2012.

  • When: Sunday evening, May 8 – Friday lunch May 13, 2020
  • Where: Valle Crucis Conference Center, Valle Crucis, North Carolina
  • Cost*:
    • Non-refundable Deposit: $300
    • Double Occupancy: $1,100
  • *Fill out the waiting list form but do not send any money until you have been notified that a space has opened up for you. Register for the waiting list by filling out the form at the bottom of this page, or register HERE.

*We have a limited number of scholarships available. See the registration form for more information.

Refund policy: The $300 deposit is non-refundable, and there are no refunds 25 days before the School begins as we are committed to the accommodations. However, if we can fill your spot from our waiting list, we are happy to refund all but the deposit.

Questions? E-mail Robbin Brent  (robbin [at] wayofwisdomknowing [dot] com)

Following is an excerpt from a three-part exploration of the Imaginal Realm, written by Cynthia.

The term “imaginal realm” has its immediate provenance in Islamic mysticism, but the idea itself—if truth be told, an archetype more than an idea—is common to all the great sacred traditions. It is traditionally understood to be a boundary realm between two worlds, each structured according to its own governing conventions and unfolding according to its own causality. In traditional metaphysical language, it is the realm separating the denser corporeality of our earth plane from the progressively finer causalities which lie “above” us in the noetic and logoic realms. Put more simply, it separates the visible world from realms invisible but still perceivable through the eye of the heart. In fact, this is what the word “imagination” specifically implies to in its original Islamic context: direct perception through this inner eye, not mental reflection or fantasy.

I say “boundary,” but the imaginal world is actually more of a confluence, for the word “boundary” suggests a separation while what is really at stake in this realm is an active flowing together. “Where the two seas meet” is a beautiful Sufi metaphor to convey the essence of what actually happens here. The imaginal realm is a meeting ground, a place of active exchange between two bandwidths of reality. That is how its cosmic purpose is fulfilled and—I will attempt to demonstrate shortly—the way in which it can be most fruitfully understood.

Following are links to Cynthia’s three-part exploration series on the Imaginal, offered on the Northeast Wisdom website:

  1. Part 1 of 3: Introducing the Imaginal
  2. Part 2 of 3: Where is the Imaginal Realm Located?
  3. Part 3 of 3: Is the Imaginal Realm Real?


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  2. Please let me know how to send the final payment for this event. I paid $310 when I registered around November 15 and I understood my application had been accepted. Thanks very much.

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