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Introductory Wisdom School eCourse Testimonials

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Read these student experiences and testimonials from participants of our Introductory Wisdom School eCourse with Cynthia Bourgeault

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Just wanted to thank you for the amazing course Wisdom School Introduction. It is so professionally done, so intuitive to use, and of course – packed full of great material (at a gentle gradient). I’ve downloaded and printed the pdf file and am on my way to my own retreat. Thanks to all of you who made this possible, this sharing of water from a very deep well.

Troy Brunke, Monterey CA


The eCourse is amazingly well done! What a gift!! The transcriptions were unexpected and such a useful and meaningful component, and I watched the first video yesterday and was so impressed with the quality. By far the highest quality I have seen in an on-line course. (And I haven’t even gotten into the meat of the course yet, which I am excited to dig into over time with my group.)

Carol L., Cary NC, who is taking the Course as part of a small group


Dear Robbin,

I have just completed the full 5-Day program and participated online in the meditations and teachings and took intentions for conscious practical work at home. I participated in 2015 on the wonderful Wisdom School on Holy Isle in June 2015. The eCourse was fully comparable, and like so much with Cynthia, came at exactly the right time in my life.

There is so much I can say about it. Most memorable are the teachings of course, providing the container for living and practice. … I have participated in a number of online spiritual programs. Of course efficacy of any program not only depends on the content and media of communication but also on the readiness, motivation, and disposition of the participant. That having been said, your part of the equation was extraordinary. The technology works beautifully, delivers what it promises, and with operational ease.

The Transcript is a brilliant idea and beautifully produced and extraordinarily helpful to check to see “if she really said that” and then serves the purpose of Lectio as well, not to mention the excellent quality of the manuscript and the wonderful Search facility even on the PDF. Just fantastic! The filming was spot on and excellently focused. The sound quality was ideal and allowed me participate in the chants and meditations. Next to being there with you on location this was all an exceptional experience of grace. How wonderful the ways of God who uses everything for our benefit.

Robbin, I hope you will never doubt the power of your ministry and how God is using you and your colleagues in collaboration with Cynthia to renew us one by one and together.

Jim Hever, Cambridge, England


There was no difference in impact or transmission in teaching received by video. All felt ‘present’ to the sessions, receiving teaching that catapulted us to depths of knowing and new recognitions. With Cynthia’s masterful gifts of teaching, she is ‘as real’ and present on video as she is in person.

Marcella Kraybill-Greggo, Host and Teacher of a five-day onsite Wisdom School using these Course materials


Great videos! Cynthia was larger than life! So funny and engaging! Good quality video. Love the text of important parts on screen.

Course Participant


I appreciated the video format, which allowed for spontaneous stops and rewinds of the material. Cynthia’s personality, wit, and playful manner were highlights for me. Well done!

Course Participant





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