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Wisdom Leader: Jeanine Siler Jones

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Jeanine Siler Jones

Meet Jeanine Siler Jones from Asheville NC.  Jeanine is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Enneagram teacher, and student of Wisdom as illuminated by Cynthia Bourgeault.  She is a private practice therapist, focusing on spiritually and physically integrated therapy. Please see Jeanine’s website silerjonescounseling.com for more about what Jeanine offers, as well as her contact information.


You can read more of Jeanine’s Wisdom Path biography on the Seedlings page at Northeast Wisdom HERE.


About Jeanine’s Small Group: 

Our contemplative group meets the first and third Friday afternoon for an hour and a half.  Usually there are six of us. The group formed after the Introductory Wisdom School at Kanuga in 2015.  We begin with a body centered meditation or body scan to fully arrive and inhabit our bodies.  We chant together then sit for 20 minutes of Centering Prayer.  On the first Friday of the month, we work with a Gospel of Thomas logion in Lectio Divina style. On the third Friday we are discussing The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three, one chapter at a time.  We end with some silence and a body prayer.  We have room for a few more people to join us.

Collaborative and Concurrent Wisdom Circles

Read about the collaborative, concurrent Wisdom circle experience HERE, as Jeanine and two of our other community leaders Heather Ruce and Marcella Kraybill-Greggo  joined efforts to offer local groups in their respective cities.

Additional Offerings:


Wisdom Essentials – Fall of 2017 – Asheville NC

For three Saturday mornings this fall we will gather to cultivate and deepen wisdom practices in our own lives, observing and contemplating their impact. We will review and practice Centering Prayer, sacred gestures/body prayers, chanting, and Lectio Divina with the Gospel of Thomas. More information available HERE.



Watch for other offerings coming soon…



Jeanine is a major contributor to our Guide for Leading Wisdom Groups, available HERE.





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