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Jesus and Sacred Wisdom (video teaching by Cynthia)

On November 8th 2013, Cynthia Bourgeault provided a presentation on “Jesus and Sacred Wisdom” at the Moravian Seminary Couillard Lectures. This lecture has been video recorded and is available for viewing here: Jesus and Sacred Wisdom.

Cynthia at Couillard Lectures 2013

The lectures are based on Cynthia’s book, The Wisdom Jesus, and includes treachings, dialogue, and contemplative practice.

Here is an overview of the presentation (approx. running length 3 hours, 17 minutes):

These lectures will consider the life and teaching of Jesus as approached from the access point of the great tradition of sophia perennis, or Sacred Wisdom. Wisdom is all about awakening— a radical transformation not only of mind and heart, but of the fundamental structure of consciousness itself. Ms. Bourgeault will explore Jesus as a master of non-dual consciousness—perhaps the first such master the Near Eastern lands had ever encountered, and explore his consummate wielding of the traditional Wisdom genres (parables, koans, teaching examples): “Above all, I will focus on the practice of kenosis at the heart of his radical program for transformation, and suggest how such a pathway, understood in these terms, opens up powerful new/old resources for contemporary seekers wishing to “put on the mind of Christ.”


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