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An Introduction to the Law of Three

Law of Three diagram

The Law of Three, according to Gurdjieff— together with its companion piece, the Law of Seven—comprise what he calls the foundational “Laws of World Creation and World Maintenance.” The interweaving of these two cosmic laws is depicted in the symbol of the enneagram, whose nine points reveal (to those properly initiated) the direction and energetic dynamism through which the world maintains its forward motion. ~ Cynthia Bourgeault, The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three: Discovering the Radical Truth at the Heart of Christianity


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One thought on “An Introduction to the Law of Three

  1. Hi. I just finished the lesson on the Law of Three presented on Cynthia’s wonderful e-course about the Four Voices Method of Discernment and then noticed this post. As a student of Alchemy/Hermeticism for 15 years I can’t help but notice the correlation between the Law of Three and the alchemical Three Essentials of Sulphur, Mercury and Salt. Being a new student to the Contemplative and Wisdom Way, I am wondering if this is an example of the Law of Three, or am I just imagining the connection.

    The Three Essentials are the alchemical principles or “forces” including Sulphur (considered to be the “soul”, consciousness, intellect and the “True Will” or personal fire) Salt (the Body -our own body specifically- the matrix wherin Sulphur and Mercury can interact) and Mercury (the Spirit, vital or life force). Mercury is the link/bridge or “reconciling” principle between the higher frequencies of “soul”, Sulphur and the lower frequencies of matter, Salt.

    Another way to look at it through a modern day physics interpretation (according to fellow alchemist, Dennis William Hauck) by utilizing Einstein’s equation of the universe: Energy (E) is Sulphur; mass (m) is Salt; and light (c) is Mercury. For both alchemists and physicists, energy and matter are really the same whose expression and form is determined by the intermediary of Light.

    As a side note, I am so blessed to have found a Path –with a community of like-minded seekers and a joyous, gifted teacher of True Wisdom — that beautifully unites all of my spiritual wanderings/yearnings into a complete whole.

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