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Wisdom Leader: Lisa Persons

raking at Wisdom School

Lisa Persons raking during “mindful work” period at Wisdom School

About Lisa Persons:


more information coming soon…


Lisa’s journey on the Wisdom path:






Some Inner Tasks offered by Lisa:

Advent Inner Task: “Let earth receive her King”

As we prepare our hearts to receive the birth of Love, let’s prepare our bodies as well. Fully inhabit your body, allow it to receive you. When you notice any fight/fright/freeze pattern at work… pause, give thanks for being able to see. Rest into acceptance and see if you can choose an expansive response. Can I let the floor and chair receive and support me? Can I sense my whole back and breath three dimensionally? Experiment with releasing your hands into spaciousness, relaxing your jaw… Ask, “Can I do any movement with less effort?“ Expansion allows your body to receive the support of gravity that is all around you. As your body practices allowing and expanding and receiving, this will prepare your heart to align itself to Love and deeply receive the birth of Love in whatever unlikely corner of your heart.

“Our brokenness is the wound
through which the full power of God
can penetrate our being and transfigure us in God.
Yes, through our wounds the power of God can penetrate us
and become like rivers of living water to irrigate the arid earth within us.
Thus we may irrigate the arid earth of others,
so that hope and love are reborn.”

– Jean Vanier, The Broken Body (1988,Paulist Press)



Advent Attention in Your Body:

This week, let’s experiment with how we feel in our bodies as we put attention in any preparations we are undertaking or concert or artistic production we are attending. As you prepare a space during Advent, or produce a meal this week or enjoy a celebration of some sort, experiment with putting your attention in your back, your hands, your feet while simultaneously attending externally.

The holidays provide opportunities to devote loving attention to beauty in everyday life. And provide more than the usual pressure, which can lead to neglecting the means whereby we work for the ends we are aiming for. Instead of focusing so much attention “out,” play with tuning deeply “in and down.” Tuning into the sensation in your back while looking out with your eyes, or while looking forward into the future can help maintain energy in the present.






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2 thoughts on “Wisdom Leader: Lisa Persons

  1. I am looking for others on the wisdom path who live closer to me than Vancouver! I live in Upstate South Carolina, not far from I-85. I am closer to Georgia than to Greenville, SC.

  2. Catherine
    Lisa has led retreats in Atlanta near Emory and provides spiritual direction. (Our interaction, even by phone was very useful in a critical period of my life). She is a great student of Rev Dr. Cynthia’s Bio-Spirituality but a teacher in her own right. I encourage you to reach out to her at Amerson House Spirituality Center https://www.amersonhouse.org/index.html

    I am in Athens GA so probably half way to Atlanta for you. At both Emmanuel and St Gregory’s we have Dream Groups which promote the Wisdom Way. Our Natural Spirituality Gathering in Toccoa is coming up in two weeks and there are usually at least one speaker inspired by Rev. Dr. Cynthia. https://www.naturalspiritualityregionalgathering.com
    Sara B

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