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Wisdom Network: Northeast Wisdom

Northeast Wisdom

Northeast Wisdom

Based in the New England region, Northeast Wisdom provides a regional hub and international presence for Wisdom Schools and other resources and inspired by the work and writing of Cynthia Bourgeault:

As an international Wisdom network continues to grow organically, every region has its own unique character and priorities. Ours is shaped by the fact that we’re relatively compact geographically (New England and the Mid-Atlantic states) and that founding teacher Cynthia Bourgeault resides in our midst. This naturally directs our emphasis toward local practice circles and smaller residential retreats led by Cynthia and an emerging crop of Wisdom teachers, particularly among the younger generation. We consider this shaping of the next generation of Wisdom transmission to be one of our top priorities..

Their extensive website includes a listing of Wisdom Schools and events both local and elsewhere, practice circle listings for the northeast region, information and interviews with emerging teachers and postholders of Wisdom work on their Seedlings page, and a opportunity to submit questions directly to Cynthia Bourgeault.

Leaders and teachers for Northeast Wisdom include Cynthia Bourgeault, Matthew Wright, Bill Redfield, and Lois Barton.

HallelujFor the full program and resource offerings for Northeast Wisdom can be found HERE.

A number of the Northeast Wisdom programs and events are hosted at Hallelujah Farm in Chesterfied, New Hampshire.







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