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Wisdom Leader: Paula Pryce

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Paula PryceMeet Paula Pryce, living in Vancouver, BC Canada. Here is what Paula has shared with us about her Wisdom journey:

I grew up in an inter-religious household, with a Christian-Hindu Anglo-Indian father and a Jewish mother, and was encouraged in the contemplative arts from a young age. I was delighted to discover the Wisdom Community where others also understood that Christianity has a powerful relational capacity that resonates with other contemplative religious expressions. My life’s work as a writer and anthropologist of religion has sought to understand unitive being and non-duality by living and working with monastics and non-monastic contemplatives.

Wisdom Offerings and Events

The Monk's Cell book coverPaula’s Book:

I am not so much a Wisdom leader as a Wisdom student who works to educate those outside of the community. My book, The Monk’s Cell: Ritual and Knowledge in American Contemplative Christianity, translates the Wisdom ethos for those who do not understand this world, while also delving into philosophical questions about the nature of personhood, unitive being, practice, and the phenomenology of divine relationships that are of interest to contemplatives themselves. (Read more about Paula’s book and find a 30%  promotional discount code HERE.)

Along with scholarly writing and teaching, I have also spoken in public venues like churches, libraries, and seminaries, and am currently working on a radio documentary with CBC Radio.


Speaker Series:

Paula will be offering a talk on UNISON: INNER SPACE AND THE COLLECTIVE BODY IN GREGORIAN CHANT on Wed October 11, 2017 at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC Canada. For more details see this information flyer “Worlds of Wonder: People Making Places Sacred.” This offering is part of a speakers’ series on sacred geography from Native American and inter-religious perspectives, one of seven talks over the 2017-2018 academic year at Green College, University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.


Paula Pryce on the West CoastExperience and insights from the Wisdom path:

When I first met Cynthia Bourgeault in 2004, I realized that I had come across a teacher who understood deep intimacy with the divine. It was a relief to me. Some years later, when I sought to do anthropological research on contemplative Christianity, Cynthia took a chance on me and allowed me to follow her. Learning from a teacher who could relay both the philosophical and practical aspects of contemplation has transformed me. I am immensely grateful to Cynthia and all members of the Wisdom Community who have welcomed and supported me. My only hope is that my written work conveys a little of the extraordinary world that I found on the journey.


Inspiring Words of Wisdom:

“Know thyself.”

~ from the Temple of Apollo, Delphi (impressed upon me from an early age by my father)








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