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Practices for Individuals and Groups

I Am Here Body Prayer

The practice of this body prayer begins by grounding the being in wholeness and incorporates the three universal gestures of creation: bowing, opening, and filling. Complete instructions for the prayer gestures and sequence are provided.

Prayer of the Heart

One of the richest veins of Christian spiritual wisdom flows through what’s known in the Eastern Orthodox tradition as “Prayer of the Heart.” In its simplest form this prayer consists of the repeated invocation of the name of Jesus, tied to a physical concentration of your attention in the region of the heart. The practice of this ancient devotional prayer is outlined here.

Gurdjieff Movement #39

Movement #39 is the last exercise created by Gurdjieff and one of the most accessible because of the simplicity of the movements. It is meant to deepen our connection to our three centers: intellectual, emotional and body center. Postures, music, and instructional videos are included here.

The Six Gestures of Prayer

A silent body prayer using the six gestures of prayer: being, bowing, opening, receiving sharing, grounding.

Be Still and Know that I am God

This is a simple body prayer using the Psalm: “Be still and know that I am God.”  It uses the same movements as the six gestures of prayer.  It is repeated three times in group prayer, but an unlimited number of times when used individually.

The Elm Dance

Around the planet, as people gather to work together for the healing of our world, a simple, beautiful practice is spreading.

Trinity Prayer: Hagios O Theos

Chant and move to an ancient Trinitarian Prayer recently taught at a Wisdom School at Claymont Seminars.

Resonance Practice (also known as the Presence Exercise)

“Where am I right now?” A practice for deepening awareness of sensation.

Morning Exercise

This comes fro Deborah Longo and is a morning preparation exercise for  relaxing and emptying—slow body scan from crown to feet, then filling with energy from feet to crown with special emphasis on heart and gratitude.

Three Bows:

First bow: honor our own inner work and ourselves
Second bow: honor the work of the group
Third bow: honor the great work of the Sacred/ Divine, all that is beyond our understanding

Sufi Turning

More to come.

The Dance of the Four Directions

More to come.

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