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The following guidelines are intended to help define the perimeters we’re using to review resources for sharing and posting resources on the Wisdom Way of Knowing website.

Important reminder: This website has been created to offer trusted resources for benefit to our Wisdom community, not simply to serve as a marketing tool for new books or other products and services that are not directly related to our work.

*You must have full permissions for any of the materials you offer.

As we grow into this collaborative ministry of editorial judgment and practical discernment, we hope these guidelines will evolve to reflect what we are discovering together. Audience-appropriate resources need to demonstrate obvious utility to one or more of our core audiences: individual seekers; participants in small-group Wisdom communities, small-group leaders; and regional communities of study, reflection, and practice.

Editorial responsibility:

— Resource creators and curators value attention to the details of usage and grammar, web design, and copyright compliance. Curators (and creators when the creator submits an original resource) are committed to “signing” their posts with initials linking each contribution to the appropriate collaborator’s bio.

Non-expert accessibility:

— Please avoid using unnecessary  jargon or overly academic language that could be difficult for people new to this path to understand.

In order for your resource to be considered, you must follow the resource submission guidelines above. A site curator will review your submission in order to ensure that your resource reflects the relevant content type and quality we aim for on our website. Thank you for your interest and for sharing your valuable resource!

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