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Wisdom Leader: Susan Latimer

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Susan LatimerMeet Susan Latimer, from Tampa FL.  Susan is an Episcopal priest – Rector of St. Catherine of Alexandria Episcopal Church in Temple Terrace Florida.

About Susan:

When I read The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three I knew I had to attend a Wisdom School. I listened to several audio recordings on the Friends of Silence website (Holy Trinity and Gurdjieff ) and then was able to attend the Kanuga Wisdom School in November of 2015. Two Teilhard schools followed – Valle Crucis in May of 2016 and Glastonbury Abbey, October 2016. My life is being transformed in this process. I have begun writing sacred chants. I am a member of a Third-force Midwife group (3 persons ) that meets online monthly to support us in discerning third force in our lives and in the world.

“I have always been wary of a “dis-embodied” spirituality. Cynthia’s work in the Wisdom tradition is the only path I have found that takes both our incarnation and our inner life seriously. Working with three-centered awareness and other tools from Gurdjieff alongside Centering Prayer has deepened my practice and my life. Her work with Teilhard de Chardin has given me inspiration, challenge, and hope for the future, particularly in these times of sea-change in our country and our world.” ~ Susan Latimer


About Susan’s groups:

We now have a monthly Wisdom group that meets for 2 hours. We begin with a movement/gesture prayer, then move into sacred chant and Centering Prayer. Either Lectio Divina on the Gospel of Thomas or another body-centered prayer follows (such as Prayer of the Heart, Bio-spiritual focusing, morning practice from the Gurdjieff tradition, etc.)

We also have a Centering Prayer group that meets twice a month for chanting, prayer, and then listening to a section of Cynthia’s teaching on The Wisdom Jesus. An Advent Wisdom retreat included even more movement, including a time for free, improvisational movement with our bodies in the Nave while sacred music played.

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Listen to a beautiful Teilhard-inspired chant by Susan HERE.





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