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Teilhardian Lessons and Carols

Gabrielle (Brie) Stoner has been working with Cynthia Bourgeault on re-writing the traditional Lessons and Carols that are performed on Christmas Eve and giving them a ‘Teilhardian’ spin. Stay tuned to our resource pages for the entire Teilhardian Lessons and Carols coming soon!



Formation of the Trinity and ecstatic God of Jacob Boehme:
*“Compression of God from nothing into something” Jacob Boehme’s description of the first Trinity:
1. Yearning,
2. agitation,
3. anguish/mediation=heart of God

Teilhard de Chardin:

“Henceforth (and it is here without any doubt that we should look for the underlying source of the modern religious uneasiness of mind) nothing but a God of cosmogenesis-that is a creator of the ‘animating’ type-can come up to the full measure of our capacity for worship.

We must…at all costs retain the primordial transcendence of this new evolutive God, who rises up at the heart of the old maker-God; for, if he had not pre-emerged from the world, how could he be for the world an issue and a consummation lying ahead?…

In a system of convergent cosmogenesis, to create is for God is to unite. To unite, to form one with something, is to be immersed in it; but to be immersed (in the plural) is to become a particle within it. And to become a particle in a world whose arrangement statistically entails disorder (and mechanically calls for effort) is to plunge into error and suffering, in order to overcome them.

And thus it is that there gradually emerges a remarkable and fruitful connection between theology and Christology.” (Teilhard, Activation of Energy, 262-263)

Teilhard’s laws of union,
1. Union creates
2. Union differentiates
3. Union personalizes

(p.115-116, Activation of Energy, Teilhard)

Therefore evolution is “a cosmic process of personalization”. (p.117, Activation of Energy)

*Barbara Marx Hubbard, The Suprasexual rEvolution, Experience the Story, p.47-48


(Once the service begins, the room should remain in darkness. The orator of this segment should be selected from a community of elders. Out of this darkness, a lone voice cries out:)

Orator: “In the beginning, darkness was over the surface of the deep…there was silence in the void”

(A gong rings out to commence the great silence: the room is in darkness, the participants are still…It remains this way for 10 mins, then the orator continues:)

Orator: In the Beginning was God. And God was always in the beginning. For the hovering presence above the void was God, in God, lingering over the deep. But the absence of life and desire for life form a tension within God. In the beginning. (the orator slaps his/her lap once)

All: In the Beginning (the congregation slaps their lap once)

Orator: In the longing for what was not into what could be there was a great yearning…God’s yearning stretched, it pulled, it vibrated. Between these great forces arose an agitation. In the Beginning. (orator slaps lap twice)

All: In the Beginning (congregation slaps lap twice)

Orator: And God’s anguish held this agitation. The tension did not collapse, but held. God’s anguish placed itself as the reconciler, the coincidence of opposites, the harmony, the substance of our creation. Christ was in the Beginning. (orator slaps three times)

All: In the Beginning (slaps three times)

Orator : In the Beginning (starts slapping rhythmically, increasing in frequency from half to sixteenth notes)

All: In the Beginning (start slapping rhythmically)

(The orator announces “In the Beginning” with the congregation responding “in the beginning”. The building intensity of rhythmic slaps occurs faster and faster. This ritual repeats until a gong bell rings. Simultaneously, a light erupts on the pulpit/stage/center. All remain silent as the orator reads:)

Orator: And through the three what could not be, was, and burst into a thermonuclear blast. Gasses of fire and light exploded in all directions—its quarks, electrons, protons, and elements scattering across the void. The tension of Love gave birth to an explosion of light, the heart of God. And thus the evolution of Love commenced … In the Beginning.

All respond: In the Beginning.





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