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The Heart of Compassion (video teaching by Cynthia)

From the 22nd annual Festival of Faiths event exploring “Compassion: Shining like the Sun” in Louisville, KY April 19-22, 2017.


Cynthia Bourgeault speaks as part of a panel of world renowned spiritual teachers identify the “inner voice” of compassion using the wisdom of the mystical, contemplative traditions. These wisdom keepers share insights and practices for cultivating compassion within a modern context of hyper activity and distraction.

Short talks followed by moderated discussion and audience question and response.

The panel includes Cynthia, Thupten Jinpa, and Ingrid Mattson, and is moderated by Barry Kerzin.


Find out more about the Festival of Faiths HERE.

Find other videos of Cynthia’s participation at the 2017 Festival of Faiths HERE.







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