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The Wisdom School Curriculum

Although Wisdom teachings do not cover a formal curriculum, the following steps and levels provide a general direction of how students can engage in the various aspects as a process through the Wisdom School program.

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Level 1: Introduction to Wisdom* (two-part curriculum)

Part A: The Wisdom Way of Knowing

  • Covers three-centered knowing, the fusion of the Benedictine template with the practice of mindful, conscious attention, the heart as an organ of spiritual perception,  and awakening the heart.
  • Introduces the Gospel of Thomas as a Wisdom text.

Part B: The Divine Exchange

  • Covers the Wisdom metaphysical map, the Divine Exchange, Vertical Exchange, Reciprocal Feeding, The Jesus teachings based in exchange, and an introduction to Trinitarian metaphysics.
  • More from the Gospel of Thomas: working with selected Logia focused on Exchange.

*  It is suggested that participants at Wisdom School have an established Centering Prayer or meditation practice. A list of required and recommended readings can be found HERE.


 Level 2: Special Topics in Wisdom

Cynthia and Darlene outsideFollowing the Wisdom/Benedictine daily rhythm (contemplative prayer, sacred chanting and lectio divina, study, reflection, conscious practical work) we explore a variety of topics. Past special schools have focused on: The Wisdom of the Desert, The Cloud of Unknowing,  Mary Magdalene, Benedictine Wisdom, The Song of Songs, Sacred Chanting and Psalmody, The Teaching of Teilhard de Chardin, and other topics…


someone holding Holy Trinity bookLevel 3:  Advanced Wisdom School (a two or three-part program)

  • Part I: Introducing the Law of Three
  • Part II: Ternary Metaphysics
  • Part III: the Unfolding Trinity

In addition, students work in greater depth with inner attention, embodiment, and chanting/voice as spiritual work.


Level 4:  Wisdom Practice and Leadership Formation

This program (which can be spread over a number of months, or numerous sessions) focuses on practical formation for Wisdom leadership. The sessions concentrate on building a specific skill or practice: lectio divina, contemporary Christian sacred chanting, classic contemplative psalmody, attention, conscious work, and leading contemplative liturgy. The intention is to deepen personal practice, but also to call forth Wisdom leaders who can “hold the post” in the classic Wisdom way: by alert present-moment awareness and skillful holding of the energetic container. Level 3 is not a requirement for Level 3, but students need to have completed level 1 and at least 2 or 3 level 2 segments before being ready to proceed.





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