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Teilhardian Wisdom for Troubled Times (video teaching by Cynthia)

Video on demand now available:

The Survivor’s Guide to the Galaxy: Teilhardian Wisdom for Troubled Times – teaching by Cynthia Bourgeault

The Aspen Chapel is now making available this four part workshop recorded live March 2017

To register and watch go HERE. (Note: If you browser is not loading the videos we suggest you try an alternate browser.)

Suggested $20 donation

In this two-morning workshop, Cynthia Bourgeault continues her groundbreaking exploration of the 20th century scientist and mystic Teilhard de Chardin with a particular eye to the insights and tools that offer a more skillful and hopeful passage through the social upheavals of our present era. How do we live from the deepest wellsprings of hope, in tune with the evolutionary imperative emerging from the 14-billion-year-old universe story itself? What needs to change in our traditional understanding of the spiritual journey in order to do so? Come join us in this searching and timely exploration.

Cynthia teaching at Aspen Chapel






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2 thoughts on “Teilhardian Wisdom for Troubled Times (video teaching by Cynthia)

  1. A friend posted the first of what promises to be a three-part blog on Teilhard for Troubled Times. I would like to be sure to get the other two parts. How can I be sure to do that?

    • Hi Joan, Cynthia has written all three parts. You can find them HERE.

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