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Virtual Access Registration for Imaginal Wisdom School 2020 with Cynthia Bourgeault: August 16-21, 2020


Autumn Sunrise

***This School is now full. If you would like to attend virtually, please fill out the form below.

  • When: Sunday evening, August 16 – Friday lunch August 21, 2020. Streaming will be offered live during the week and then available as both video and audio recordings for one month following the School, for those who are attending virtually and for those attending in person.
  • Where: Virtual via Zoom; Live at Valle Crucis Conference Center, Valle Crucis, North Carolina
  • Cost for Virtual access: $300
  • Register for the virtual option by filling out the form at the bottom of this page, or register HERE.

Questions? E-mail Robbin Brent  (robbin [at] wayofwisdomknowing [dot] com)

Note: This option is for those who have signed up to attend the Wisdom School and are on the attend or waiting list.

Information letter regarding the School

Dear Wisdom Friends,

I can’t begin to articulate the bountiful blessings received while navigating with you the upcoming Wisdom School during such a difficult time. The many gestures of generosity, patience, understanding, and arms flung wide in support and love have filled me with courage and hope in the power and grace found in our collected presence. Thank you.

And, as you know, navigating the constraints of these times with a live school has been a roller-coaster experience, but unless something drastic happens, we now know what we are planning to offer. Because of health concerns and limits on in-person attendance, we can only offer spaces to a total of 40 people on site. This includes anyone in the room: Cynthia, myself, staff, etc. While the in-person spaces have been filled, hopefully knowing that we have worked hard to provide a virtual experience that can offer deep connection, learning, practice, and spiritual fruit is good news.

If you decide to participate virtually, following are some of the ways you can create your own meaningful experience.

Virtual participation description and details

  • We are creating ways to honor the quality of your experience by creating an engaged, meaningful space for virtual participation. This is not an empty gesture of inclusion, but an effort to create a powerful embodied container no matter where we are in the world. Here are more details describing what you can expect from attending virtually.
  • If you can participate live alongside the on-site students, your presence will have an impact on the container and you will glean benefits not possible, certainly not as pronounced, with asynchronous viewing/participation. To help make this possible, you will receive a detailed schedule of the School so you can, as much as your own constraints at home allow, participate in real time. Much has been learned about the value, for both the participant and the in-person group, of synchronous experience. We encourage you to have as meaningful an experience as you can by dedicating as much of the week as possible to joining us in real time. We’ve all experienced the difference between attending a conference in our home town vs. out-of-town attendance. With in-town events, we have to resist the temptation to be distracted by our normal habits and routines. Make a commitment to create a retreat space for yourself and to participate as you can in every session.
  • We will be streaming the following via Zoom: the morning reading and meditation, morning teaching, instruction for the labora/conscious work period and exercises inspired by the work of Joseph Azize, afternoon sit and teaching, and the evening Q/A. While we have double-checked the equipment and the space if, for any reason, we experience technical challenges that interrupt the stream, we will be recording it with a back-up camera and will make the session available within 24 hours.
  • We encourage you also to practice labora/conscious work period and exercises inspired by the work of Joseph Azize with the on-site group. You could even gather with a few others in your area who are also doing this live in a safe space in order to build the energies we are working with as a group. In addition, if you have participated in real time in the teachings, the labora/conscious work period, and the exercises inspired by the work of Joseph Azize, you’ll have an opportunity to sign on 30 minutes before the evening teaching*** begins to share your experiences and to post any questions you might have for Cynthia. While she can’t answer every one, she reads them all.
  • Participate in afternoon Zoom groups from 1:30-2:30p EDT on Tues, Wed. and Thurs.*** This dedicated time is designed for reflection and discussion. Senior students will host discussion around conscious work on Tues. and Thurs; Cynthia will join in on Wednesday when you’ll have a chance to interact with her and to ask questions. Additionally, on Wed. and Thurs, you’ll have the opportunity to join small-group discussion rooms for the last half of the gathering in order to connect more deeply with one another, the teaching, and your experience.
  • There will be dedicated hosts and advocates with you online at all times who will be available to respond to any questions, to be your liaison with the on site group, and to offer any support needed during the week.
  • We will be creating a private Facebook group to support and encourage ongoing reflection, conversation, and connection.

[***We will send out a detailed schedule soon, including the extra opportunities for you to be online to connect with others. However, all of the times are subject to everything working well in a remote rustic environment. I have been to Valle Crucis three times to test my equipment and will go back another time to double-check one final time. All seems to be working well! If for any reason we lose connection, we will be running a back-up camera and will make all sessions available within 24 hours. We also may need to reschedule some of the optional times, but will give you as much notice as possible.]

We will be sharing more with those who register as virtual participants, including resources, links, and best practices and tips for using Zoom, the online platform from which we will be offering this School.


We will be providing to all virtual participants:

  • Detailed schedule with times and topics
  • All handouts
  • Joseph Azize exercises, and commentaries written by Cynthia. We will be working daily with the Azize exercises alongside labora/conscious work and will provide all resource materials to the virtual group that the in-person group receives.
  • Signed copy of Cynthia’s forthcoming book, Eye of the Heart, mailed to you shortly after the School
  • Access to recordings for one month following the School for both virtual and in-person participants


In order to help offset the costs of greatly reduced in-person attendance, we are suggesting a minimum tuition fee of $300. This will allow us to pay the retreat center, Cynthia, and to offer several scholarships. Many have generously donated their tuition to support others who cannot otherwise afford to attend. Whether attending live, virtually, or not at this time, we are all in this together and it will take all of us working together to make this much smaller-scale school possible.

Please register to attend virtually, even if you’ve already registered for the Wisdom School on another registration form.  Register and pay below.

  • If you have already paid tuition to attend the School and would like to participate virtually, we will refund the difference that you request.
  • If you have paid for the School and do not want to participate virtually, we will send the full amount of the refund you request.
  • If you have not paid, use the link above to register and pay for the virtual option.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support as we prepare to gather.


Tuition Fee Options (choose from drop-down)

Following is an excerpt from a three-part exploration of the Imaginal Realm, written by Cynthia.

The term “imaginal realm” has its immediate provenance in Islamic mysticism, but the idea itself—if truth be told, an archetype more than an idea—is common to all the great sacred traditions. It is traditionally understood to be a boundary realm between two worlds, each structured according to its own governing conventions and unfolding according to its own causality. In traditional metaphysical language, it is the realm separating the denser corporeality of our earth plane from the progressively finer causalities which lie “above” us in the noetic and logoic realms. Put more simply, it separates the visible world from realms invisible but still perceivable through the eye of the heart. In fact, this is what the word “imagination” specifically implies to in its original Islamic context: direct perception through this inner eye, not mental reflection or fantasy.

I say “boundary,” but the imaginal world is actually more of a confluence, for the word “boundary” suggests a separation while what is really at stake in this realm is an active flowing together. “Where the two seas meet” is a beautiful Sufi metaphor to convey the essence of what actually happens here. The imaginal realm is a meeting ground, a place of active exchange between two bandwidths of reality. That is how its cosmic purpose is fulfilled and—I will attempt to demonstrate shortly—the way in which it can be most fruitfully understood.

Read the full posts for Cynthia’s three-part exploration series on the Imaginal Realm here:

Part 1:  Introducing the Imaginal

Part 2:  Where is the Imaginal Realm Located?

Part 3:  Is the Imaginal Realm Real?

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