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Wellsprings of Life: Quaker Wisdom in Chant

Paulette Meier offers a new collection of soul nourishing chants, filled with spiritual encouragement at a much needed time.


Wellsprings of Life by Paulette Meier cover image


“Paulette’s chants open a door to the pearls of transformative wisdom waiting to be discovered in the Quaker mystical tradition. This new album sparkles with the message of joy and steadfastness, even in the midst of troubled seas. Concepts as subtle and challenging as inner stillness, non-attachment, and the inward Christ Spirit come powerfully alive through these mystical chants. One can drink these chants in, almost like an elixir of hope!”  ~ Cynthia Bourgeault





Paulette Meier

Find out more about Paulette and her contributions as a chant leader in our Wisdom community HERE.

You can listen to many of Paulette’s chants on Bandcamp, or sample and purchase chants through her website at PauletteMeier.com.





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