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Where Do We Go From Here? (a letter to the Wisdom community from Rebecca Parker)

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A reflection by Wisdom student and leader Rebecca Parker after the February 2017 “Conscious Circle Ingathering” hosted by Cynthia in Stonington, Maine.

You can read Cynthia’s account of the event HERE.

Dear Friends,

Since our gathering in Stonington, I have had the opportunity to facilitate a number of gatherings of wisdom seekers wanting to learn about the work we did in Stonington. We have looked at the teachings with Cynthia (using the notes I took) as well as the documents we reviewed.  Going back into my notes to prepare, I found ideas that didn’t have time to sink in while we were together.

This morning in preparation for a wisdom class I read from the Stonington notes and this jumped out at me,

“if we hold the course, something will rise up to meet us . . . you can draw help from the cosmos, or else we feel impotent and overwhelmed – we can’t let that happen.  The individual cannot do this alone, an attuned group can.”

And then material from Teilhard, where Cynthia is talking about Teilhard and where his work is pointing. Before consciousness can leap it needs a new body at a higher level of complexity; it is a function of a higher collective, so it isn’t the old model of individual “stars” breaking out but a self organizing human collective field; a harmonizing function under a head.  It happens in the mystical body – the prophetic resides in the whole.  It is a hard model to see, especially if one thinks groups get in the way.  A group can think collectively in a way a single individual cannot.


How does one gather and wield such a group, a noetic body?  What kind?  Internet?  Conscious circle?

You are not going to individually attain the levels of consciousness touted.  No matter how brilliant – the new evolutionary body will self-order differently, working for the full manifestation of love.  Think flow, not over-organization.  The lineage transmission from the past is probably not the way of the future.

Look at the “post holder” concept:  in the old model, the leader puts focus on content.  With the post holder, it puts focus and responsibility on attending to the energy you are riding; it keeps coherence so the group can function; it creates a space to help the group to their goal; it preserves the energy in the group.”

…what is the next work of this group?  Is there a collective work for us to do; what is it; how would we gather; what do we hold?  

So all of this stirred up in me once again the wondering of what is the next work of this group?  Is there a collective work for us to do; what is it; how would we gather; what do we hold?  I can answer some of these for myself personally and tell you what has been stirring in me individually, but that doesn’t seem to be the point.  I am more interested in and curious about what we hold together in the collective that we can’t hold alone. So I am putting it out to you to see what arises.  I sense we only started at Stonington and there is more experimenting and intuiting still to be done.  Maybe it isn’t this group, maybe I am intended to gather a group in Atlanta, whatever it is, a group seems important and I wanted to explore it with you.  Perhaps it is a simple devotional practice we share at a particular time of the week.

Know the power and aliveness that continues to flow from our gathering, not only for myself, but for the groups that hear of our the work and are called out by it.


Rebecca Parker

Rebecca at an outdoor conscious work session at Wisdom School.


Rebecca Parker is the Executive Director of Mary and Martha’s Place (MMP) in Atlanta Georgia. MMP is center of spiritual formation serving a diverse group of women at various stages of life who hold in creative tension the Christian tradition and the inclusive spirituality of the 21st century. MMP offers book studies, classes, workshops, special events and rituals. Rebecca is ordained by the Presbyterian Church and is a graduate of Yale School of Divinity.






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