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Wisdom Leaders and Contributors

Leaders together

Communities of practice and small group gatherings provide an essential source of support and fellowship within the greater Wisdom network. Within these groups and meeting places, whether in-person or virtual, participants experience opportunities to grow and deepen in their understanding and practice. Creating this rich, supportive environment requires the willingness and commitment of those “holding the post”, and offering their leadership as coordinators, facilitators, and contributors.

We would like to introduce you to a number of students and leaders in the Wisdom network who share their time and resources to build and sustain these vital gatherings and communities of practice.  Thank you to those of you who share your background on the Wisdom path and information on your offerings or groups — and for sharing yourself and your resources with our community!


Meet our community leaders HERE.


We are adding to our list of community contributors regularly. We would love to include you and hear about your offerings. We hope you’ll join us and share your resources, information, and experiences!

If you are a Wisdom contributor, leader, or facilitator, please click HERE to complete our form, and share in the growth of our Communities of Practice!


Become a leader in your own community! We offer an informational guide to assist those wanting to start and lead small Wisdom groups as an opportunity for collective practice, support, and community-building.

See our Guide for Leading Wisdom Groups HERE.






Would you like to browse a full list of our resources by subject categories? A complete list of all our Resources by Category available HERE.

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