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Wisdom Network: The Omega Center

The Omega Center

The Omega Center

The Omega Center is an online forum striving to facilitate a deepening of consciousness, conversation, and connection as we seek God in our scientific age. The website is dedicated to education, formation, and inspiration in the converging fields of science and theology and exists to promote and support the work of Ilia Delio, OSF.


“We are to become new persons with new minds and hearts for a new world.” – ILIA DELIO


Inspired by the teaching of Ilia Delio and the evolutionary thinking of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the Omega Center seeks to provide a way to engage science and theology,  facilitating a deepening of human consciousness by inviting visitors to:

  • Think: engaging monthly topics of educational material which draws upon issues in science and religion.
  • Become: providing contemplative forms of integration, participatory reflection, and responsive creativity.
  • Act: inviting visitors to engage their local communities and Omega worldwide gatherings, join the dynamic online learning platform done in community at the Omega Center, and participate in yearly events.


Cynthia is a regular contributor to the Omega Center blogs. You can find Cynthia’s blogs HERE.


 “To think is to unify, to make wholes where there are scattered fragments; not merely to register it but to confer upon it a form of unity it would otherwise be without.” – PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN







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