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Wisdom Network: Wisdom’s Work


Wisdom’s Work

Based in the North East of the U.S., the aim of Wisdom’s Work is to provide opportunities for transformation to a whole new way of seeing and a whole new way of knowing, rooted in the Christian Wisdom tradition:

There is a path that can take us beyond conventional Christianity. It is the Wisdom path that leads us into the transpersonal realms. From this perspective, we can hear the teachings of Jesus in a whole new way. In fact, we come to see everything in a whole new way—including ourselves. And, interspiritually, we are able to tune into the deeper Wisdom levels of the other faith traditions with renewed reverence and appreciation.


Wisdom’s work offers Wisdom Schools, Centering Prayer Practice gatherings,  and other theme-centered programs and retreats. Their current program listing can be found HERE.


Teacher and Program Leader: Bill Redfield

Bill Redfield is the Teacher and Program Leader for Wisdom’s Work. You can learn more about Bill Redfield HERE.






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