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March 2018: Mega Wisdom School Part B: The Divine Exchange

Group photo Kanuga 2015

Group photo from Introductory Wisdom School Part A, Kanuga NC 2015

Join us for the next ‘Mega’ Wisdom School II at Kanuga Conference Center, North Carolina:

Introductory Wisdom School Part B: The Divine Exchange with Cynthia Bourgeault

Sunday, March 11–Friday, March 16, 2018

Following the very successful Introductory Wisdom School Part A in 2015 at Kanuga, North Carolina, Cynthia Bourgeault invites you to learn “The Divine Exchange” with her and another “mega” group of students. Cover the Wisdom metaphysical map, the Divine Exchange, the Vertical Exchange, Reciprocal Feeding, and the Jesus teachings based in exchange, as well as an introduction to Trinitarian Metaphysics. You will also get the chance to work more with selected logia from the Gospel of Thomas. You can see an outline of the Part B content and the complete Wisdom School Curriculum HERE.

Please complete the registration form, either below or HERE, to secure your space.


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