Dear Wisdom Friends,

Just as in the season of Spring, changes and new beginnings are in the air here too. As you know, Wisdom Way of Knowing previously was home to an authoritatively catalogued archive of Cynthia Bourgeault’s collected teaching. Our other companion site, Wisdom Way of Knowing Courses, which was home to related online courses and other video and audio resources, will now live here.


Wisdom Way of Knowing has served the global Wisdom community for the past 10 years by living into its mission: Supporting an engaged Wisdom Community Network by providing trusted online resources, a master archive of Cynthia’s teachings, ongoing eCourses, and by hosting circles of connection and conversation for self-paced study, reflection, and practice.

The journey over the past decade, as is true with most, has been filled with busy highways, scenic byways, detours, and much-needed rest stops. And it has brought us to this important moment and announcement. All of the resources we have curated, created, and corralled on behalf of this beloved community on Wisdom Way of Knowing will find a new home on our sister site: Wisdom WayPoints.

If you would like to access the resources that lived on this site, please visit If you don’t find what you are looking for, please reach out to Bob Sabath ( or me (

Wisdom Way of Knowing will continue to focus on creating online Courses featuring Cynthia and other contemplative leaders and teachers, as well as other free video and audio resources I’ve recorded over the years. If you are interested in keeping current on our Courses, as well as learning when we’ve published free video and audio offerings, please make sure you are signed up for our newsletter.

I am looking forward to continuing to offer the same quality of online courses you have come to expect. In addition to the two Wisdom School eCourses I filmed and produced that the Center for Action and Contemplation now offers (the Introductory Wisdom School Course, and the Divine Exchange Wisdom School Course), Wisdom Way of Knowing now offers the Imaginal Wisdom School eCourse on this site (more offerings to come over time). These Courses and other video and audio resources complement the great content now offered by Wisdom Waypoints.

I am excited and eager to see where we go from here. Together.

One Heart, one Love,


This eCourse includes over 40 sessions filmed live during a five-day Imaginal Wisdom School with Cynthia Bourgeault at the Valle Crucis Conference Center in North Carolina August 16-21, 2020. The Course materials have been formatted and organized for easy access and use in an eCourse format, while carefully preserving the daily rhythm and structure of the live event. The materials have been designed to empower and equip you with everything you need to reproduce the Wisdom School learning experience in your own setting and circumstances. And when you enroll in this eCourse you’ll be joining a vibrant community of committed students as you experience the profound and practical nature of these teachings.

For current Introductory Wisdom School Course participants, you can continue to access the course dashboard by clicking on the Course Dashboard button.

Imaginal Wisdom School eCourse with Cynthia Bourgeault

Fourth Way Wisdom Work: Self-Remembering eCourse with Bob Sabath (interactive course)


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